How to Earn Money from Youtube Channel

How to earn Money from Youtube channel


This era is the age of the Internet. At this time the Internet is covered all over the world, due to which there has been a revolution in almost all the fields. At this time Facebook, Twitter, YouTube etc. are being used a lot. Money can also be earned with the help of internet. YouTube is a very easy way to earn money on the internet. YouTube is giving better ways to earn money along with entertainment and many people are earning a lot of money by taking advantage of it. To earn money from YouTube, you have to create an account, as well as create such video content, which can be liked by people. Here various necessary tasks are being described to earn money with the help of YouTube.

How to Upload Video on Youtube Channel

The video uploaded by you on YouTube is your direct way of earning. Follow the following procedure to upload a video to YouTube.

First of all, put the video to be uploaded in the computer from which you want to upload the video to YouTube.
Once you have signed in, you will get the option of ‘upload’ on the webpage of your account, click on it.
By clicking on it, the upload window will open in front of you. Here you choose the video to be uploaded.
After this, many options will appear in front of you, keep in mind that you do not cancel this page, otherwise the video will not be able to upload.
At the time of video upload, you can set the video name, description, privacy etc as per your requirement.
After this, after the video is completely uploaded, click on the ‘publish’ button.

In this way your video will be uploaded on YouTube.

What is The Content of Youtube Videos

If the content in the video uploaded by you is not too long and boring, then your video can earn more money. The following is a description of the things related to the content of YouTube videos:

Although the content of your video is not very good in the beginning, then it can be started, but keep in mind that the quality of your content should increase over time.
By uploading videos regularly, you will be able to maintain your hold on your audience and at the same time increase the number of viewers.
You can use a good quality camera to improve the quality of the content of your video. If you do not have a high quality camera, then you can use better software for editing and improve your video.
After this, you tag your video with keywords, so that viewers can easily find your video on YouTube.

How to Increase Views on Youtube Channel

The more viewers you get from the content of your video uploaded on YouTube, the more money you will earn. So it can be said that the more people watch the videos uploaded by you on YouTube, the more money you will get. For this follow the following method:

You need to make the content of your YouTube videos attractive. Also, you can increase the number of your audience by sharing your content on various social sites like Facebook, Twitter etc.
Whatever comments of the viewers come on the comment of your video, you should give feedback on behalf of the channel and also answer their questions. If there are any suggestions, then follow them so that the viewers will always be connected to your channel.

Youtube Video Monetization

You need to monetize videos to earn money on YouTube through your videos. By doing this, YouTube adds ad clips to your video, you get money for this ad. Monetizing the video also ensures that there is no copyrighted material in your video. Follow the following procedure to monetize your video content.

First of all go to and click on ‘My Channel’ given there to go to the specified page.
Here you will get an option called ‘Video Manager’, click on it.
Here you will get the option to monetize, by clicking on which you will be able to monetize your videos.
Here you select the option of “Monetize with Ads” on the Monetizing tab.
After this, whenever you upload your videos, you can monetize your uploaded videos by clicking on the $ sign given in the video manager.

Google Adsense Setup in Youtube Account

You can also set up Google Adsense for your YouTube account. You must have a PayPal, a bank account and a valid address. Using Google Adsense, YouTube gets to know who you are and to whom YouTube will send money. You will get paid for ad click on your uploaded video. Money is also available on views, but that money is very less.

Youtube Partner

A YouTube partner is a YouTube member whose videos have a large audience and all their videos are monetized. Once you become a YouTube partner, you also get help from YouTube to create your content.

You can apply for YouTube Partnership anytime. For this, you have to promote your channel very well, so that the number of viewers of your video will increase. For this you usually need to get 10,000 lifetime views on your videos. For Lifetime’s Most Powerful Partnership Program, you need 15000 watch hours on your videos in 90 days. In this way you can become a YouTube partner by increasing the views on your videos.

                How to Get Money Earned on Youtube

Once the views on your video start increasing and also if money starts accumulating on your video through ads, then you can get this money easily. You can get money directly into your PayPal account by attaching your PayPal account to your YouTube account.

In this way, you can prepare and upload your videos to YouTube with a very simple process. By promoting this upload on various social websites or in other ways, you can increase the number of viewers for your video and subscriber to your channel and earn money sitting at home through YouTube.


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